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Proud of our Heritage

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From 1934 in “Waterways”, Alberta to today on the East Coast of Canada, the Western Arctic, and in particular along the Mackenzie River, our roots, not just our name, show who we are and who we serve.  Our relationship with the communities we reach each season strengthens both these roots and our responsibility to these customers. As we close in on our 80th sealift season, and reflect back on the progress of the North and the promise of the future, NTCL is more committed than ever to relationship building and helping the people and companies of the North succeed in all they do.

Providing innovative, efficient transportation alternatives and great customer service are the hallmarks of our capabilities today and will remain so for the future. Nearly 80 years has taught us a lot and building off what we have learned will help us continue to offer you the best service possible.

NTCL Mission Statement

“We proudly deliver northern solutions and opportunities in challenging environments”

Sailing Schedule

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2015 Delivery Schedules

All deliveries have been completed and NTCL terminals are now closed for the 2015 season

Directions to the Hay River terminal

2015 Cargo Rates – All Commodities

Please contact customer service to obtain a booking number prior to sending cargo to the terminal.


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